Help Build the OER Access Open Collection of Online Resources

The purpose of this website is to provide teachers, learners, staff, and the general public a quality and easy to use collection of online resources to improve the use and accessibility of OER.

Your contributions to this collection are essential for making the collection useful.

Becoming a Contributor Begins With Registering as a MERLOT Member

To become a contributor to the OER Access Collection and Community, you begin with registering as a member of the MERLOT community. MERLOT is an open and free international community of researchers, faculty, teachers, administrators, librarians, students, and government, industry, and academic staff. The OER Access Community is creating custom services using MERLOT's tools and 10+ years of experience supporting open international communities for online education. Learn more about becoming a Contributor to the OER Access collection.

Many Ways to Contribute to MERLOT:

Every person interested in the OER Access community can contribute in ways that work to their strengths and expertise. You can:

  1. Catalog online resources that you have found to be very useful so others can easily find them as well. Learn more about catalog online resources in MERLOT.
  2. Contribute your expertise and accessibility evaluation of OER so that others can benefit from your analyses and insights.
  3. Write your comments and evaluations on how and why specific online resources have been useful to you. Whether a healthcare professional or a patient, your analysis of why a resource has been helpful provided a useful context for other's evaluation. Learn more about comments & evaluations in MERLOT.
  4. Create a "personal collection" of resources that you have found most useful for a specific purpose and provide an explanation why you created it. Others can review you list of resources, enabling you to share expertise and reflections on a group of resources. Learn more about personal collections in MERLOT.
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