Becoming a Contributor Begins With Registering as a MERLOT Member

To become a contributor to the OER Access Community, you begin with registering as a member of the MERLOT community. MERLOT is an open and free international community of researchers, faculty, teachers, administrators, librarians, students, and government, industry, and academic staff. The OER Access Community is creating custom services using MERLOT's tools and 10+ years of experience supporting open international communities for online education.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Complete the simple form to register as a member of MERLOT (It's FREE and you can edit it whenever you want - including deleting your membership). It should take 3-5 minutes.

Now that you are a MERLOT member, you have your own personal website. Click on "My Profile" tab at and you can view your personal website.

STEP 3: You can edit your profile in MERLOT and added a variety of information about your interest areas, professional background, etc. Click on "My Profile" tab at and Click on "EDIT" for each section that you'd like to add or revise information about you.

STEP 4: You are now ready to become a contributing member of the OER Access Community.

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