Welcome to OER and Accessibility!

Our mission is to enable the community of accessible technology experts, advocates, and users to build an online community and collection of open education resources that can improve universal learning by facilitating the contribution and sharing of accessible technology information, expertise, and accessible online teaching and learning materials.

Our Goals are:

  1. Enable educational institutions to find the expertise and the professional development resources that will improve their capacity to deliver a quality education reliably and in a timely manner to all students, including those with disabilities
  2. Build a collection of quality and accessible OER that can be reliably used by all students and faculty
  3. Build a community of organizations and individuals whose accessibility expertise and exemplary practices can be more easily and effectively be institutionalized by education


California State University, MERLOT, Open Education Consortium, and the National Federation of the Blind are working together to support building an open community of educators who can contribute their expertise on accessible technology. We welcome every organization to join our federated community and use MERLOT's open educational services to improve the quality and effectiveness of accessible technologies for all.

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If you only have a little time, READ THESE!

Students with disabilities at degree-granting post-secondary institutions (PDF) by the National Center for Educational Statistics (Oct. 18, 2011)

Designing OER with Diversity in Mind presented by Anna Gruszczynka, Jutta Treviranus, and Una Daly (Webinar recording)

Report of the ARL Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons With Print Disabilities (PDF) by Mary Case (Chair), Cynthia Archer, Nancy Baker, John Harwood, Sarah Hawthorne, Kurt Herzer, Tito Sierra, Ed Van Gemert, Tom Wall, with ARL Staff Liaisaons: Prue Adler, Judy Ruttenberg (Nov. 2, 2012)

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OER and Accessibility

IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say

University presidents, CIOs, and other IT leaders discuss the importance of IT accessibility on college campuses.

"From Where I Sit" Video Series

"From Where I Sit" is a powerful video series featuring eight CSU students with disabilities who share their experiences in the college classroom.